Cherry Street Tank Works

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Here are pictures of the Quantum Floats location and staff in Bedminster!

Location Update!

Cherry Street Tank Works in Chester, NJ has closed its doors. However the brand new float center, "Quantum Floats" is open for business in Bedminster, NJ!  We have 3 floatation tanks, the same style of tank that was at Cherry Street. If you are a client of Cherry Street Tank Works or have come across this website looking for a place to float, please give us a call at: 973-782-3227 to schedule an appointment or visit us online at: We look forward to seeing you!

In an environment free of stimuli…light, sound, sensation of hot/cold and gravity, you float effortlessly in a warm salt water solution about 10” deep and heated to skin temperature. In this silent, dark, warm and gravity free environment the body can deeply relax and the mind slows down...

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The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."      ~Rumi

Food For Thought...

Quantum Floats is Located in the Bedminster Medical Building at 1 Robertson Drive, Bedminster, NJ

What is Floatation?